10 Tips to Reading Tarot

Shelby Melissa

Tarot can be a complex system of symbols, keywords, and intuition making it an overwhelming art to learn. As a reader myself since about 2004, I can say that it will get less overwhelming and easier as you learn and practice. Don’t worry though, I have your back with ten helpful tips to reading tarot!

  1. Record your readings. They can be useful reference to come back to, writing can help meanings stick in your memory better, and later you can see how far you’ve progressed!
  2. Don’t neglect your intuition. Your intuition can be a valuable tool in reading tarot. It isn’t necessary for reading tarot, and it doesn’t necessarily make your readings better, but it does add an additional facet to your tarot reading toolbox.
  3. Practice! Read for yourself, friends, family, pets, TV/book/movie characters, etc. You may even find it helpful to make up a person and read for them!

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